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Inspiration and Motivation!

Motivation can be a very commonly spoken about topic but some people do not understand how motivation really works!They mistake motivation as inspiration!

The key to being motivated is to have a motive!Think about it for a moment; Motivation comes from the word "MOTIVE"!

The word 'INSPIRATION' comes from a Latin word 'INSPIRARE' which means 'inspirit' or 'divine guidance'!

Inspiration on the other hand is more of a process! Whatever it is that inspires you,it touches you on the inside and connects you to a state of being more excited,productive, purposeful or anything that comes out as a result of being inspired!

So. Inspiration can be called as a driving force while Motivation can be called as a pulling force!

Now, you might be thinking that motivation isn't as good as inspiration.....Whether it is motivation that you are after or inspiration that you want, GRATITUDE always helps!