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Almighty as a Goldsmith!

I consider FIRE to be an acronym for Fantastic Inspiration of Revelation and Enlightenment!!

We all have often seen that Fire burns...Fire gives light....Fire is a symbol of motivation....But I would say that FIRE TESTS!!!..FIRE burns imperfections!....Yes, it actually tests the worth of a thing!...Fire has the amazing capacity to test the purity of a thing!!....The longer a thing can sustain in fire expresses its strength!..Think about GOLD!!!!.....What does a goldsmith do to test the purity of Gold?...He melts Gold in the furnace to check its purity and at the right time, takes it out so that it further doesn't lose its hardness!....Relating this spiritually, we can associate our creator to a Goldsmith, who takes us through troubled waters, difficult and testing times in life....But always remember, He never tests us beyond our capacity!... Like an experienced goldsmith, he brings us back safe and sound!..He may burn us, melt us, boil us....but at the end, will turn us into a beautiful Ornament!..Being both SOFT and STRONG is a combination only few can master!....So, never doubt the intentions of the Almighty!... He has great plans for us!...Far better than we could ever imagine is His mercy !....We are here on the earth, not accidentally but for a purpose and a reason!....Stay Blessed!!!