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Broken Made Beautiful!!!

We all are a little bit broken , but few days ago, I observed that broken crayons still colour the same!!...Behind every incident lies a purpose, and this very purpose creates a story!!....Failures, Disappointments , Regrets do happen in life..Emotionally sensitive people often get demoralised due to such instances but this is where the test of inspiration and motivation takes place!...This is the battle of the inspired!..But this doesn’t mean that being broken is the end of the wonderful story which you began writing since the time of your birth!..When something or someone hurts you, you actually get to know the true yourself and the way you react to situations ....Thus , being broken actually makes you more beautiful in the sense of knowing oneself deeply, drawing closer to the conscience and attaining spiritual peace and enlightenment...Being broken, I would say, takes a person more closer to the success of finding the true oneself and this helps us to rise above the vices like jealousy, selfishness, brutality, cruelty......thus strengthening the bond of humanity!! ....Remember....You are beautiful because God created you in His image!!!...Never give the pen with which you are writing the story of your life in someone else’s hand...Dictate your own story!!!