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Vision without Execution is just Hallucination!!

Hii everyone!!...Caption🤔....True !!...isn’t it?....How many times does it happen that we plan or rather have a vision about somethings but somehow it doesn’t work out as expected. Did you ever think why does this happen?...or think does it happen only to you or everyone?....Friends, most of the times ,this occurs with most of us...This is because of lack of the skill of execution. Due to this , we often end up in Hallucination of things, they don’t really exist!...So , this brings me to draw your attention towards the importance of execution in life!...Vision without Execution is just Hallucination!. Definitely , Idea or Vision is important but this idea needs to be executed well in order to use it for the betterment of society...So,a word of encouragement from my side for all of my readers to start executing their fantastic and creative visions and thus, in a long run, we will create a better place for us to live in....