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Living in Minds!

✍️ We don’t live in bungalows, duplexes or flats. We live in our minds. Yes, that’s our permanent residence. And there are no constraints of square-feet there. It’s a vast space with unlimited area. And you know what! No matter how well-organized your rooms, balconies, garages and verandas are, life is good only when things are sorted there – in your mind. And that’s where we keep things messy – regrets piling up in one corner, expectations stuffed in a closet, secrets under the carpet, worries littered everywhere, comparisons spilt on the table, complexes leaking from an old bottle, and grudges stinking in a box. Be aware! For this ‘real home’ of yours, you can’t outsource housekeeping.

You got to do it yourself. 🌿 Happy Soul Reflections!

#mind #mentalhealth