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Empowering Indian women!

India shed the shackles of slavery long ago; still women in the country continue to be helpless victims of male supremacy!

We may shout ourselves hoarse about constitutional equality between men and women, but the bitter reality is that we have to ago a long way before women will find an equal, safe and honorable place in the Indian society.

A few spirited souls,do now and then stand up to fight against this injustice, but their isolated effort proves to be too ineffective to shatter the stronghold of male dominance.

In Indian society, where tradition and modernity are often in conflict, there is always an undercurrent of tension.

All observations on the place of women in India are bound to be full of contradictions, for Indian society does not have a well-defined uniform attitude towards women.

Urban India is quite progressive; here the girl child is sent to school and is given the same facilities as her male counterpart. But rural India continues to be in the shackles of medieval orthodoxy and subscribes to the view that women are only meant for hearth and home.

Nevertheless, women have constantly have kept trying to make a place for themselves where they will be treated with equal respect and dignity.

Legislative measures have been adopted to remove all those prejudices that stood in women's way to progress and equality.

The Government of India also declared the year 2001 as 'Women Empowerment Year' with a focus on achieving the 'vision of the new century of a nation where women are equal partners with men'.All these are winds of change that indicate a definite shift in the place of women in the Indian society.

Modern women at least in urban areas are symbols of the gallant reassertion of Indian womanhood.

Women are conscious of the fast changing world of competition.This self-awareness and a sustained effort to rise in life shows Indian woman's dynamism and zeal.It can be said with a sense of pride and confidence that our posterity will be safer in their hands.

There is a section of society that looks askance at the emergent new woman. It is apprehensive about the moral tone of the society in which women get economic independence.But improving status of women should not be misunderstood as a movement to relegate men into insignificance.It is impossible to perpetuate the slavery of women in the name of religion.But it has to be noted that liberty is no licence.It should not make women derelicts and deranged.The aim of the Women Liberation Movement should be to make them perfect and fulfilled women! Liberty in no way should make their life devoid of moral substance.

A woman with liberty takes her responsibilities of life,fulfills her obligations towards her family and nation.

An emancipated woman does not in any way mean a mere dressed doll for show and a hot-house flower for beautification!

Rise Women!....Our Time has Value!!!

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