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Cherishing the ‘SUMMER SOLSTICE’!

‘THE ASTRONOMICAL EVENT’: The sun travelling it's longest path defining the longest day makes us celebrate the ‘ESTIVAL SOLSTICE’, commonly known as the ‘SUMMER SOLSTICE’! It's been a long while since the Asian. European and American societies have realized and marked the importance of this day amongst all the astronomical events.

OCCURRENCE: The ‘ESTIVAL SOLSTICE’ occurs twice every year, once in each hemisphere (21 June in the Northern Hemisphere and 22 December in the Southern Hemisphere).

SIGNIFICANCE OF THE SUN: Everywhere, for all the creatures on the planet, nothing is as fundamental as the length of the day. The reason being the sun is the only ultimate source of almost all light and warmth on the Earth’s surface.The star, Sun provides the basic needs to our eyesight.If you’re a person who loves spending time with the sun, you know the peaceful, comforting feeling that accompanies these signs and signals of the year’s longest day.

CULTURAL ASPECTS OF THE STAR: The sun has been worshipped since ages now! Rituals are performed on this day thanking this celestial body for his kind service to humanity. Also, prayers are offered for its prosperity with themes of religion and fertility.


The solstice is a time to recall the reverence and comprehension that our ancestors had for the first heaven i.e. the sky and the celestial bodies. About five thousand years ago, people placed huge stones in a circle on a broad plain, the place now called England and aligned them with the June solstice sunrise. This is known as the ‘STONEHENGE’. It is because during the summer solstice, the sun rises just over the structure’s Heel Stone and hits the Altar Stone dead center. Around the same time when Stonehenge was being constructed in England, two great pyramids and the Sphinx were built on Egyptian sands. If you stand at the Sphinx on the summer solstice and gaze towards the pyramids, you’d see the sun set exactly between them. Such a bliss to the eyes!

Let's celebrate and mark this day to be grateful to ‘Surya’, the sanskrit word for sun and pray that he keeps showering his grace and mercy upon us forever!

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